Government of Canada French Oral Proficiency Guide - French SLE Test Preparation

Mehdi Lahchimi, April 22 2020

In this guide, you will learn tips and techniques to better succeed. Always remember that your French should not appear learned by heart, because your answers will not be considered representative of your true level. Now we will dive deeper into each part. **Note that the jump from an A level to a B level is easier than the jump from a B level to a...

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French Written Expression Guide - How to Pass Your Government of Canada French SLE Test

Mehdi Lahchimi, February 26 2020

In this 90-minute test, various texts are presented to you in the form of email, notes, memos, letters, newsletters, extracts from reports, research work, etc. Your task is to carefully read each of these texts and answer the questions by choosing the best answer for each of the questions.

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